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Part 2 – 10 Qualities Needed for Scaling Your Construction Contracting or Service Business

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

If you missed part 1 with the first 5 qualities needed for scaling your construction contracting or service business you can find it here.

6. You will need to focus on helping others – on every side of the coin

Customers and potential customers

Think: What do they need? Perhaps information concerning what to expect when they hire you to perform a service for them.

How can you give it to them? Flyers, brochures, website, social networking sites.

Yet, always be on the lookout for ways to help your customers on a personal level. It may be as simple as bringing their newspaper to the door, giving a handwritten Thank You note, or defaulting to “yes” when presented with small, reasonable requests that customers make.

Employees and subcontractors

Think: What do they need? Maybe just some recognition.

How can you give it to them? Perhaps employee of the month incentives, maybe small rewards like gift cards, or something as simple as lunches or dinners to celebrate milestones or job completion.

If you need someone to help you learn what your employees need, then enlist the help of a person you know is good at noticing.

Colleagues and associates

Think: What do they need? It could be they need your help on a service project.

How can you give it to them? Answer “yes” and follow through.

“Sit downs” with your colleagues and associates are bound to aid you in determining what they need. Be sure to schedule these sit downs on a regular basis.

7. You must be obsessed with cash flow – because cash is king

We at Schulte and Schulte are excited to work with our clients to put an excellent system in place giving them the advantage of getting a clear view of their actual cash flow when taking a daily peek at their checking account balance, (we know you do it) and then gives them useful information.

8. You have to charge what you’re worth – without flinching

Charging what you’re worth is not only beneficial for you, but for others in your realm. Your family benefits. Your employees and subcontractors benefit. Your customers benefit.

Yep, your customers benefit.

  1. They get excellent service

  2. They get peace of mind concerning their decision to hire you

  3. They get the wealth of knowledge and skill you’re able to provide them yourself or through your excellent and well trained employees.

You know things others don’t know. Put that knowledge to use and charge what you’re worth.

9. You should turn down jobs – not just because you’re busy

When something about a home owner or business owner makes your spidey senses tingle it is probably time to turn down their job.

When you run into someone who wants the job done cheap and fast and that’s not what you do, (see number 8 above) it is time to politely decline.

Once you know who your ideal client is, this step becomes easier, but it is good to pay attention to the fact that some jobs don’t pay enough in revenue, some jobs don’t pay enough in peace of mind, and some jobs . . . well, they’re just not worth it.

In whatever form it takes, you may wish to give this message to the person you won’t be working with after all.

“Dear Sir/Madam,

Thanks for the recent opportunity to quote your work. We feel that [company name] is not a good match for your project. We wish you well with your project.

Thank you.”

10. You will want to create a lasting legacy – because you want to benefit others

In this instance, I’m using the word “legacy” in its broadest sense. The legacy you leave behind (your construction company) may be managed by your children or by other people not related to you.

The important part is you will have created something meaningful, something that will benefit the lives of others now and in the future. Your family, your friends, your employees, your customers, your colleagues, your community will all be touched by the legacy you create.

If scaling your construction contracting or service business is something you’re serious about, we at Schulte and Schulte are serious about helping you.  Get in touch 480-442-4032 or Toll Free: 866-629-7735

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