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Keywords in Construction SEO

Finding the Treasure of Keywords

No, the treasure isn’t found at Oak Island, The Superstition Mountains, or the bottom of the sea. The actual prize is within arm’s reach – your computer can take you on the adventure.

Whether you have someone in-house or engage with an SEO expert, it is good to know that your construction business website can be enhanced through the treasure of keywords. Therefore, when your online presence becomes more sophisticated, your growth potential increases. True treasure.

Keywords Drive Traffic

The word is, including the proper keywords in your content will help your construction company website rank higher and faster, thereby gaining more search engine traffic. In the post How SEO Works for Construction Contractors, I mentioned that “the mystery of SEO becomes less mirky when it is understood that keywords are the means of attracting the right crowd to your message.”

And attracting the right crowd to your message is the first step on the way to selling your services to that crowd.

The Keys to Keywords

First Key – Know your niche within the construction community. And NO, it isn’t that you’re a painter, an electrician, or a general contractor.

  • It is that you’re the only painter in town that uses that special European paint.

  • Or it is that you’re the electrician who specializes in bar lighting for new or remodeled restaurants.

  • Or you’re the general contractor who builds schools and other public buildings.

Second Key – Understand your ideal client. Selecting correct keywords must be based on what your perfect client likes, wants, and understands about what you do.

For example, if you’re a subcontractor looking to find a great general contractor to work with, the keywords will be different than if you’re a remodeler reaching out to homeowners.

Third Key – As in so many areas of life, focus on quality over quantity. Know the keywords and phrases that resonate with your future clients. Think about what questions they are asking when they put words in the search engines. What terms do they search with? Use those words to answer their questions.

Keywords Have a Place

It is vastly important to remember that words do indeed mean something. And it is exponentially vital to remember that the content in which words are used can make or break the intended goal of communicating.

For example, way back in the Dark Ages (you know, the 1990s,) my friend told me a story about picking up the extension phone in her bedroom only to hear her young son say to his friend, “Yeah, but my balls are bigger than yours.” Whaaaaat???

Come to find out, her son and his friend were arguing over which sport was better. Her son favored basketball, and his friend liked baseball.

Context! Context! Context!

Marketing folks and consumers alike understand the importance of actual content compared to a list of supposed keywords.

Finally, be sure the keywords you select don’t confuse prospects but enlighten them.

What’s Next?

The Construction Junction Podcast (hosted by our founder, Tonya Schulte) will go live next week. Look for Kelly Gonsalves of Totally SEO to provide (of course) more SEO insight. And Eric Perry of Eco Roofing Solutions will be in on the mix as he asks questions concerning how to improve his business through the use of SEO. We’ll give further information as it becomes available.

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  • Clients and customers

  • Employees and subcontractors

  • Vendors and service providers

  • Governmental entities

Working with The Profit Constructors gives Construction Contractors the means to organize their operations in ways that help them:

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