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Get the Obstacle Course out of Your Office! Part two

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

In the first of this two-part series, we dealt with removing the obstacle course in your commercial construction subcontracting office caused by the placement of furniture, office equipment, and other objects.

This time we’re talking about removing the obstacle course in your office within the conceptual realm.

Remove the Obstacle Course - use the ”tudes”

There are three “tudes” that will serve you well:

1. Attitude

2. Certitude (confidence)

3. Exactitude (precision)

And there is one “tude” the first three will help remove from your construction office:

1. Ineptitude


Think of the attitude of your business as the company culture. Instilling consistent attitudes and preferred behaviors becomes apparent in the way your team interacts with one another, how they treat general contractors, how they deal with other tradespeople, the interactions they have with service providers, the values they hold, and (in the end) the decisions they make.

It has to do with values, ethics, expectations, and goals.

How to provide the correct attitude:

  • · Your own attitude

  • · Employee Handbook

  • · Recognition or celebration of preferred attitudes


When your employees can act with certitude because they know and understand the company goals as well as the next steps required of them, they gain confidence concerning the part they play and are more satisfied with their work.

Without certitude, people may wonder if they’ve accomplished the task at hand well enough or at all.

How to provide certitude:

  • · Be certain company goals are known

  • · Develop documented systems

  • · Acknowledge and reward accomplishments


The precision your employees display as they accomplish their daily tasks depends on the systems and procedures you have developed or are developing.

That simple.

And that difficult!

Everything from how to answer the phone to when to process the billing must be documented. When systems are in place, there is less room for error and more opportunity to overcome any wayward obstacles that pop up along the way.

Empowering your employees to develop written systems for accomplishing their daily tasks has added value you may not have considered.

  • · It helps remove or reduce dependence on the one person with the “head knowledge” about that system.

  • · There is the added value displayed through the “business knowledge” of your construction company when seeking financial aid.

  • · It adds to the monetary worth of your business if the time comes to put it up for sale.

How to provide certitude:

  • · Develop and use documented systems

  • · Regularly update systems

  • · Reward those who improve the systems

Dump the Ineptitude

One of the most aggressive and challenging obstacles to overcome for many construction business owners is the fires that rage in the office. You know, the fires you find yourself constantly dealing with because an employee doesn’t know which next step to take or how to deal with a given situation.

Through the persistent use of “the proper tudes,” you can overcome the ineptitude obstacles in your office. And not let the fires start in the first place!

Ambitious Construction Contractors look to The Profit Constructors to provide advocacy in dealing with:

  • Clients and customers

  • Employees and subcontractors

  • Vendors and service providers

  • Governmental entities

Working with The Profit Constructors gives Construction Contractors the means to organize their operations in ways that help them:

  • Remain informed

  • Avoid hassles

  • Reduce risks

  • Be future-ready

Ready for action? Or want to know more? Get in touch today to schedule a complimentary discovery call. 866-629-7735

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