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Building Good Habits for Your Construction Business

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Building Good Habits for Your Construction Business

Good Habits

Take time to build.

Require sustained effort.

Should start small.

Give you a leg up.

Have exponential value.  

By the way, if you’ve ever wondered about the difference between habits and skills, this article is a quick read to give you a better understanding. 

Good Habits address future needs

Training dogs is all about instilling good habits in them, right? Well what happens when you instill bad habits in them? If you haven’t done it, you’ve seen it done. For instance, some folks bring home a darling little puppy which will grow into a full-blown, adult Great Dane. Yes, they’re oh so cute puppies. And yes, they get oh so BIG! And, when trained from a young age to be lap-dogs they can be oh so Annoying!

My late father-in-law (we called him Pop) found his way into family lore in many ways. And, one story which comes up again and again is when he trained the newly purchased colt to put her front hooves on Pop’s shoulders. She grew up. Pop got knocked down. New training began.

When determining which habits to pursue it is a good idea to think in terms of what will be needed in the future. Establishing good habits which will serve your construction contracting business well as it grows is essential. That means you save yourself time and money by putting best practices (good habits) into place sooner rather than later.  

Good Habits form your day

In truth, habits (be they good or bad) form your day.

From brushing your teeth in the morning to climbing between the sheets at night your day is filled with the habits you’ve developed throughout your lifetime. Some are great, others . . . not so much.

Replacing bad habits or developing new ones is a down-right hard task.

In this article you’ll find some interesting information concerning what happens when you’re trying to form new good habits to replace the old bad ones.  

Good Habits produce better results

Here are a dozen business enhancing habits to give you inspiration. Not all of them will work for you. For instance, if you’re already a big-picture person you may need to get better at looking for details. And, if you’re no good at saying “no” you may need to build a “no” habit. Whereas, if you respond negatively before hearing out the proposition you may need to get better at saying “yes.”

Learn a new practical business skill

Build and maintain business systems

Practice being more organized

Grow better at seeing important details

Notice the big picture

Strengthen your imagination – be a visionary

Create simple routines

Be more flexible and agile

Improve your delegating skills

Grow your listening skills

Get better at saying “no”

Enhance your ability to say “yes” to the right things

Good Habit building tactics

  1. Focus on one at a time

  2. Start small

  3. Insert time in your schedule to:

  4. Think about the why

  5. Prepare for the how

  6. Practice the practical

  7. Remind yourself where you’re going

  8. Forgive yourself for the missteps (and get back up quickly!)

Good Habits in your ball-court

Choose one of the above suggestions or pick one of your own and get going on building one good habit which will serve your business abundantly now and in the future.

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