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When Things Just Work!

It’s Right There

Just the other day, someone pointed out a good quality my grandson has that I know about, but I sometimes take for granted.

When I saw my 12-year-old grandson interacting with a toddler, making her smile and laugh, allowing her to run and play, I thought nothing of it. That is, I took for granted my grandson’s good nature and his ability to aid “the littles” in having mini-adventures.

Then the toddler’s dad pointed out what a great kid my grandson is and how well he interacts with little (and sometimes wild) creatures.

There are times when it takes someone outside our sphere to point out what we’re missing or forgetting.

It’s Right Here

In the latest Construction Junction podcast (episode 15), the host, Tonya Schulte, discusses the cloud-based app, Knowify, with expert Terrin Kalian and end-user Gregg MacDougall of Gregg Home Services LLC.

Moving from features (such as the ability to compare cost vs. budget) and custom integration capabilities, the trio gets down to the heart of the matter.

And that heart is what sometimes is taken for granted – because it works so well. It is the better organized and better functioning construction management factor.

They’re Right Here

Kalian helps listeners understand the multitude of features offered with Knowify – from job costing and fully burdened labor costs to options concerning custom integration.

And MacDougall shares how going from Post-It® notes and pens and pencils to a construction management SaaS changed the picture for his construction company. He is animated when he says that the tech support offered by the folks at Knowify is top-notch.

You’re Right Here

You can watch The Construction Junction podcast, episode 15 here, or listen on the podcast channel of your choice.

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Vendors and service providers

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