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Technology Isn’t the Focus, Business Is

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Your technology choices

Finding technology that is relevant to running your subcontracting business is easy. Right? *Beep* Wrong! Finding tech is easy. Finding tech that is relevant is a totally different picture. Two starter questions to answer are:

  1. Can we afford it?

  2. Do we (really) need it?

Answer these further questions and they will help clarify the answers to the initial two:

  1. Will this be advantageous to our clients?

  2. How can this make it easier, more efficient, and more effective for our employees?

  3. Does using this put us in better sync with our suppliers?

  4. Do our strategic partners benefit through the use of this?

You see, putting tech to use makes sense, only if it benefits the relationships you’ve already established within the parameters of your construction business.

Technology is way cool

It’s readily apparent tech is causing things to change rapidly in the construction industry. Think about the brick laying robot.

And of course, there is the much-lauded aerial intelligence tool found in the camera equipped drone.

Fun stuff!

Technology is good – yet beware the pitch

Not long ago, Tonya attended an event (Scaling New Heights 2018) dedicated to connecting the accounting world to the suppliers of accounting technology as well as the people who provide relevant services. There were classes, keynote speakers, networking occasions, time for product perusal, and friend making as well as friend reconnecting opportunities.

Tonya came back from Georgia with a refreshed mood and enlightened perspective concerning how to better serve our clients. All good stuff, right?

Well . . . there was this one tiny little rant. Seems a few of the developers and providers of SaaS and app technology hadn’t read her right at all when trying to make their pitch. When the pitch began with, “If you get your clients to use our ‘stuff,’ you’ll make more money,” she was Not Impressed. On the other hand, when the pitch began with, “You’ll be better able to serve your clients by adding our ‘stuff’ to your lineup,” she was ready to listen.

The Schulte and Schulte stance

In our dealings with our clients, our goal is to go beyond being a trusted advisor. It is our intention to become transformational advisors to each subcontractor with whom we have a relationship. We don’t simply plug in the numbers. Our intention with each client is to help them grow their construction business.

One example of how we better serve our clients is, we do the homework involved in finding the right tech to aid our clients so they become data-savvy business owners who, in turn, are then better able to serve their clients.

3 technology thoughts

Prioritize what is most relevant and valuable.

Finding just the right tech to make your life easier is not the goal. Finding just the right tech so you can serve your clients better is.

Look for people you can trust to advise you concerning your choices. (Like us!)

Interested in discovering if we’re the right fit for your accounting and systems needs? You can get in touch by calling 866-629-7735 or checking in here. Let us know you would like to take your place on our waiting list.

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