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New Name Same Game

Shakespeare may have lamented, “What’s in a name?” then gone on to describe a sweet rose whose name would make no difference. We disagree. (Sorry Shakespeare lovers.)

New Name

Sometimes you decide something must change to function better. It might be your software, your vehicle, your diet, or your business name.

And in our case, we determined a rebranding would help us tell our story better.

A good reason to rebrand is that you want the name and the logo to do a better job of telling who you are and what you do. It is especially warranted when you realize that the story of what you do can be incorporated so easily into the new brand and logo.

Same Game

I mean, it isn’t as if our rebrand showed us what to do. What we already do (and have been doing from the beginning) is helping our clients be profitable construction contracting business owners and managers.

Early on, the name-of-the-game for us was helping small to medium construction businesses be able to function well on the same playing field as their larger neighbors. We began saying, “We help commercial construction contractors Run With the Big Dogs.” And that is precisely how it plays out.

Profit – Our Claim

We’ve gone from the nondescript name “Schulte and Schulte” to the telling name “The Profit Constructors,” because, well . . . because that is what we do. Our job is to help savvy commercial construction contractors learn all the ins and outs about being profitable.

Don’t miss this

We think some people may say Too Long; Didn’t Read. Therefore, we’ve included this notation.

TL;DR: We rebranded. Now you know.

We desire to familiarize you with business concepts, which will make it easier for you to be a better commercial construction subcontractor through our blog posts. Some are new ways of looking at things, and others are refreshers.

The Profit Constructors Provide Contract Document Management and Advisory Board Level counsel for small to medium commercial construction subcontractors.

So you can Run With the Big Dogs! Call us 866-629-7735

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