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Neighbors, Friends, and Family WOM series

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

In the last post. you learned about the upcoming series of articles having to do with word of mouth strategies. These strategies are based on different groups of people connected to you or your construction business. In this first installment, we’re dealing with those close to home. So, whether you’re among those who believe this is the most challenging group or if you’re on the opposite end of that sentiment (or somewhere in between,) read on – there is something here for you.

Upon Reflection

A few years ago, I was involved in helping develop the employee handbook for The Profit Constructors. It wasn’t a short project. Nor was it easy. My suggestion (repeated several times) was that the hand “book” be shortened to hand “page” or, better yet, to hand “sentence.” My suggestion didn’t win out. Wiser minds?

What do you think? You see, I wanted the hand “sentence” to read, Don’t Be an Asshole!

Of course, upon reflection, I see that just like one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, one man’s bad hair day is another man’s way of life.

And that leads to understanding why you can’t rely on simple word of mouth alone. It takes developing a strategy for obtaining word of mouth recommendations for your construction business.

And that brings us full circle to the utmost way to begin getting others to talk about or otherwise share good information about you and your construction company – it’s Don’t Be an Asshole!

Where it Begins

Perhaps you borrowed money from Mom and Dad to make your start, hired your cousin’s son to push brooms, rely heavily on your spouse or a buddy to attend to the details, or otherwise involve family and friends directly in the business. Or maybe you don’t.

It doesn’t matter. Some of your family and friends can be your first-line ambassadors. It is up to you to equip them for that role.

But before we move on, let’s include neighbors in this group of word of mouth agents. Remember, your neighbors are not only the folks who live next door. Your neighbors are also your housekeeper, gardener, barber, favorite restaurant wait staff, the guy you do volunteer work with, the cool gal you met while on vacation, and so on.

Oh yeah, remember, unless the folks mentioned above are on your payroll, you can’t outline their responsibilities, confirm your expectations, or define their performance objectives. But you can trust them to tell others about you if you give them the information they need.

Think about it. Chances are the last time you needed a new service such as a hairdresser, dentist, cleaning service, or whatever; you asked your friends and neighbors for recommendations. Or you might have used online reviews to learn more.

The thing is, you probably didn’t rely on a dart and a yellow page or a map.

Word of Mouth Strategy for neighbors, friends, and family

The most important part of the strategy for dealing with this group of folks is thinking through and grasping the possibilities. Here is a quick list to ponder and put to use:

· Be nice!

· Let folks know what you do in ways that are fun and invite further questions.

· Tell people what you need, whether that is employees or places to bid or software advice, or something else.

· Mention any incentive plans you may have.

· Reward anyone whose word of mouth or recommendation brought you great value.

· Always reciprocate good deeds for good deeds.

· Remember – you’re not looking for a sale – you’re looking to build a strong word of mouth network.

A simple definition of word of mouth marketing in a traditional sense is a business’ good reputation is spread from person to person as they talk to their friends and family. These days social media has been added to the mix, but it doesn’t change the basic understanding of letting others know. And the point is your business’ reputation has you at the center of it.

Be Friendly

Did I mention the best way to get people to talk about you and your construction company positively is for you to be a cordial, kind, welcoming, amiable, charming, considerate, pleasant person? Just sayen’.

Coming up: Word of mouth strategy concerning Professional and Personal Groups or Associations

Construction Contractors look to The Profit Constructors to provide advocacy in dealing with:

· Clients and customers

· Employees and subcontractors

· Vendors and service providers

· Governmental entities

Working with The Profit Constructors gives Construction Contractors the means to organize their operations in ways that help them:

· Remain informed

· Avoid hassles

· Reduce risks

· Be future-ready

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