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Leadership in Energy Management

Any clock watcher can manage time. But true leaders learn to drive a much more critical ingredient in the management realm. Energy management makes the ticking of the clock a much less loathsome issue.

I’ve heard it said that it is easy to know what is important to a person – look at how they spend their money. I think that is a good starting point. But I would add that looking at how a person spends their money and energy is the complete answer.

How one manages money and energy is a clear indicator of what one values.

What gives you more energy? I’m not talking about coffee or other drinkable stimulants. I’m asking what about the work you do gives you a boost? What delights you? What makes for a satisfied feeling at the end of your workday?

Energy Management Questions

When you’re trying to determine how to manage your energy, you can ask a few questions to help begin the process.

  • What do I do to make me feel less tired than before I started? (Note: you cannot say sleep. 😉 )

  • What drives me?

  • How do I intentionally recharge?

  • What excites me to continue a challenging task?

  • Where do I most enjoy being?

  • When am I at my best daily?

  • Who boosts my energy when I spend time with them?

Going One Step Further

Take a moment to dig deeper with some essential questions concerning managing your energy. What goals are you really after, and which are truly important to you? Do you want to:

  • Use your energy to create wealth?

  • Spend time with friends and family?

  • Learn something new?

  • Participate in charitable endeavors?

  • Teach others?

  • Partake in spiritual matters?

  • Engage in physical well-being activities?

Where to Spend Energy

Determining where to spend your energy is simple. Think about these questions for the deeper dive:

  • What are your core values?

  • What do you really want?

  • What do you want to spend the bulk of your energy on?

  • Is it worth it?

How to Gain Energy

It is well to remember that not all goals are wise or realistic, and not all tasks are created equal.

When you’ve answered the above sets of questions, it is a matter of putting that information to use. These questions can help you solidify your response to the knowledge you’ve gained.

  • Who do you need to spend more time with?

  • What activities or undertakings are so energy-boosting that you could do them for hours and still feel refreshed?

  • When are you naturally at your best? What time of day is your energy at its highest?

  • Where do you spend time that invigorates or exhilarates you?

  • Why do you get up each morning? What makes it worth it?

  • How do you replenish your excitement for doing what you do? (Hint: It is probably not about the dollars.)

Stabilizing and Harmonizing

From lifestyle changes to improved business practices, finding ways to increase your energy begins when you understand your unique attributes and the options best suited to you.

Reflection: In what ways in the past have you boosted your energy? What new path are you planning to increase your energy? How will you implement it?

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