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Improving Your Core Values Score

Core Values – Everybody’s Got ‘Em Simply having core values doesn’t mean a construction contractor has high ethical standards. Even the Gypsy Construction Scammers and other Shady Contractors have core values. Unscrupulous as they may be, they’re still the values those folks live by. Build on the Best – Dump the Rest There are dozens of admirable values worthy of being placed on your list of possibilities for the best. (You’ll find many of them listed a little lower in this post.) As for the rest? Well, here are some things people may say to you (or you may think) that lead you down a path that either chews up and spits out your admirable core values or simply melts them like crayons on a hot summer sidewalk.

· Everybody’s doing it · Only this one time · No one will ever know · It’s the fastest way out of this mess

And the worst one: · It’s just . . .

Anytime you resort to “It’s just . . .” think about what you are trying to justify. While justify has a good and honorable meaning it is also easily twisted to accommodate:

· Egotistical desires · Selfishness · Narrowminded thinking Core Values on Walls and Hearts Top of the line, written statements or posters on the wall mean nothing if the core values your construction company espouses are not written on your heart and the hearts of your team members. WorldCom, Enron, and Lehman Brothers come to mind when thinking about wall only core values statements. One small bad choice following another lousy choice builds to larger bad choices and eventual collapse. Sins of commission and omission both lead to ethical chaos and disintegration. In the end, it is the heart core values that give you clarity and heart core values from which you will act and react. Improving Your Worthy Core Values Score Note: I added the word “worthy” in the subtitle above because we’re talking about the core values of the worthy variety. You know, good guy, white hat core values. Just like other areas of your life and business, making improvements is a worthwhile endeavor. There are basically three starting points (with room for some variation in between) when it comes to improving your core values score.

1. Never even thought about them 2. Have some written, but not sure that we align with them 3. There are core values around here, and we base our actions on them You can improve your score no matter from which of these starting points you begin. Shopping Around for Core Values While you can’t pick up a new set at the core values store, you can determine if your present list serves you well. From developing a pertinent core values list and strategy to core values refresh, you can improve the quality of your construction contracting business. The following list of possibilities was gathered from looking through the core values lists of multiple companies. Which are best for your business?

Accountability Accuracy Adaptability Ambition Authenticity Collaboration Compassion Competency Confidence Conscientious Continual learning – growth Courage Credibility Customer service Dedication Dependability Dignity Diligent Discipline/order Diversity Efficiency Empathy Empowerment Enjoyment/fun Equality Excellence Faithful Flexibility Friendliness Generosity Honesty Humility Improvement Independence Individuality Industrious Influence Innovation Integrity Learning Loyalty Optimistic Passion Persistent Personal development Quality Reliable Resilience Respect Responsibility Safety minded Security Service Steady Stewardship Strive for excellence Teamwork Transparency Vision Wisdom Zealous

The Top Five (Make that Three)

Choosing only three core values forces you to come to terms with what is truly most important to you.

Marc Lore, former banker, serial entrepreneur, multi-billionaire, and CEO of Walmart eCommerce U.S., says, “Picking three forces you to get to the root of who you really are and what you stand for.” Lore suggests using a pressure test – “Are you really living these values the way other companies aren’t?”

Stop! Did you see what he said? “ . . . the way other companies aren’t?” Yeah, that’s worth thinking about!

Here it is laid out and easy to see:

Core = bottom line, essence, foundation – heart

Values = beliefs, character, code – ideals

How seriously do your employees take your company’s core values? How seriously do you take your company’s core values?

Getting Real About Core Values

1. How do you define a core value?

2. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the importance of core values to leading and growing your construction contracting business? Think about the “why.”

3. Describe the fundamental core values needed most in the construction industry. Which are most important to your business?

4. How many benefits can you list of having clear, core values in your position as a construction company leader?

5. How many core values can you identify that are already practiced (by design or by happenstance) in your construction business?

6. How well would your construction business fair if it underwent a “core values audit?”

7. Which core value does your company presently lack that you think needs to be integrated in?

8. What steps are you going to take to develop or improve your core values and core values statement?

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