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How to be a Top-Notch Construction Business Owner

Construction Business Owner as Hero

When writing this post, I wanted to use the title, “How to be a Top-Notch Construction Business Owner,” and add a subtitle that read, “And become a hero.” Unfortunately, the platform I use and the god of SEO both shook their no-no heads vigorously.

Therefore, what follows is my nose-thumbing reaction to those two entities. You see, I believe Top-Notch Construction Business Owners step easily into the world of heroism.

Inspiring Contractors to Inspire

Let’s start with this little tidbit and see where it takes us – our world is in need of models worth following. These models need to be men and women of integrity, principle, and fortitude. They need to be people who inspire others to do better, to climb higher, and to stand the test of time.

What follows is about the conditions that lead to owning a Top-Notch Construction Company. . . and becoming a hero. Lofty, I know. Yet possible.

While some heroes rush into burning buildings, other heroes made the buildings happen in the first place. Are you getting the picture?

Construction Contractors of Integrity

Good character and integrity walk hand in hand. Sleazeball contractors (and we all know they exist) are not even in the running.

The dictionary definition of integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

The article, “20 Leadership Traits,” from an Australian company aptly named, Integrity and Values, succinctly details what characteristics great leaders have or aspire to have.

I must add, taking pride in “what you build” is part of the integrity package. Being confident that you and your employees can stand back at project completion and say, “Look what we built!” is not only an ego booster to all but also a motivator for taking the next step.

No Inoculations Allowed

You must walk the walk. And you must talk the talk. (I know, cliché but hear me out.)

Many construction companies include camaraderie and sociability as part of their culture. And that is good.

Taking it a step further, top-notch construction companies establish purpose and shared values as a guide to decision making. The decision making that seeps down to even the newest hire.

To have a strong vision-driven culture, you and those who work for you must know what the vision is and what the plan is for achieving it. And, to make that clear, what I’m saying is, we talk about what we know about.

Be sure that your employees are not inoculated against your vision but rather that they get a full-blown case of it. The vision isn’t a written document brought out once a year and wondered at like a new-born babe. The vision isn’t plastered on the wall posters and ignored. Rather, the vision is known, talked about, and put into action under all circumstances.

Your vision can’t rightfully be kept from your employees if you want exemplary behavior and triumphal project completions.

Because when you get right down to it, culture will either be a construction company’s greatest asset or its largest liability. Let the thunder roll!

Empowerment is Dynamic

As top-notch construction contractors convey the vision, they create highly empowered teams. The teams grow to be organized and efficient, understand their roles as well as their responsibilities, and act accordingly.

Don’t worry; I know there will be hiccups and beverage nose-snorts along the way. That happens. The point is top-notch construction contractors allow their team to press forward with the vision in mind even when things change, bad stuff happens, or the proverbial poop hits the proverbial fan.

Standardized and Automated Systems Rock

Bottom line. The foundation of vision-passing and team empowerment is systems. Devising documented, standard systems delivers operational success. Say what?

What I mean is, top-notch construction contractors, use standardized and automated systems to “get the job done.”

Why? Because it works. That simple.

Having said that, I must add I’m not stupid. “Oh! I’m excited, I can’t wait to write and document systems!” said NO construction contractor ever.

Good news. One way we help our member clients is to work with them to create standardized and automated systems just for their construction companies.

Building Heroes

The team here at The Profit Constructors is humbled and gratified to be able to serve an industry filled with building heroes.

The Profit Constructors provide Construction Accounting and Operational Accountability for small to medium Construction Contractors.

Our services allow you to organize your operations so you can

· Remain informed

· Avoid hassles

· Reduce risks

· Be future-ready

So you can Run With the Big Dogs!

Ready for action? Get in touch today to schedule a discovery call – this one’s on the house. New possibilities await. 866-629-7735


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