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Growth Plus Construction Contracting Stuff

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Growth is where we shine

Schulte and Schulte, LLC started out as a virtual bookkeeping firm serving the construction industry. We still focus our efforts on helping small to medium construction subcontracting firms. Firms located all across the United States. Yet these days, we do a lot more than provide accounting services. Hence, we’ve listed a few of the “regular” functions we provide for our clients:

  1. Maintain Month End Closings (some with and some without AIA or POC accounting)

  2. Deliver AP and AR management

  3. Dispense various levels of payroll services

  4. Evaluate correct categorization

  5. Create WIP reports

  6. Generate supporting documentation for WIPs

  7. Provide Sales Tax reporting

Growth brought us to Contract Management

Even more, some of our clients began requesting Contract Management Services. We have the know-how and the skills to provide this service so, of course, we agreed.

In case you’re wondering, our quick checklist for Contract Management Services looks like this:

  1. Enter estimates into Knowify and/or QuickBooks from takeoffs

  2. Verify that subcontract matches estimate

  3. Obtain signatures on subcontracts, pre-liens, and lien waivers

  4. Maintain job files

  5. Maintain job requirements

  6. Request and maintain Certificate of Insurance for all projects

  7. Mail prelims

  8. Prepare job forms for vendors

  9. Manage CCIP enrollment and maintain info for them

  10. Create other job specific reporting

One more way we help our clients get home in time for dinner is taking this chore off their plates.

Growth allows us to offer QuickBooks reduced pricing

From our inception, we’ve been able to offer QuickBooks Online packaging at a rate lower than by purchasing directly. We’re now able to offer promotional pricing on Intuit products. We also provide an increased level of direct Intuit support if a problem arises. (We recently saved one of our clients $600 annually on QuickBooks fees.)

The products which we offer are:

  1. Enterprise

  2. Hosted Enterprise

  3. Point of Sale (POS)

  4. Desktop (Pro and Premier)

  5. Payments (Merchant Services)

  6. Payroll

  7. Field Service Management

As well as supplies which integrate with the Intuit software:

  1. Checks

  2. Deposit Slips

  3. 1099s

  4. W-2s

  5. Endorsement stamps

With lower fees, higher support levels, and our expertise we’re better able to aid our clients in the playground of Intuit offerings.

Growth moved us to our latest (coming soon) offering

Time after time, we found we were aiding our clients in developing systems within their construction contracting businesses. This system development started with accounting needs, then began stretching into other areas. Our clients loved it and they asked for more. Since we’re fun-loving, off-the-wall accounting specialists with a wide streak of nerdiness we stepped up to the challenge.

Beginning in early 2019 we’ll be rolling out the framework for documenting, storing, maintaining, and using operating systems reaching beyond accounting systems. What we’ll be providing will be powered by our friends at Aero Workflow and will be distinctive for our construction contracting clients. We know the Aero Workflow team and we’re excited about working with them on this endeavor.

Systems and growth go hand-in-hand

By the way, there are a few other people who agree with us that having systems in place is a make or break issue for business owners.

“Organize around business functions, not people. Build systems within each business function. Let systems run the business and people run the systems. People come and go but the systems remain constant”

Michael Gerber, American Author

“If you need a new process and don’t install it, you pay for it without getting it”

Ken Stork, former president, Association of Manufacturing Excellence

“Systems are not sexy – but they really DO drive everything we do!”

Carrie Wilkerson, Speaker, Author, Consultant

“Experts in every field agree on the transformative power of systems”

Mark Joiner, Simpleology

“The two most important lessons that today’s quality practitioners can learn from W. Edwards Deming and the total quality management movement of the 1980s are that quality equals process, and that everything is a process. Managing an organization’s processes is crucial to ensuring its quality systems”

Ronald M. Cordes, Flowcharting: An Essential Tool

Now you know

Now you can see why our Instagram bio reads, “Our clients: construction contractors who are strategic and scalable. They know we bring more to the table than getting bookkeeping off their plates.”

We love to grow and we love to help construction subcontractors grow. You can get in touch with us here if you have questions.

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