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Growing Your Construction Business in 2019

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Growing Your Construction Business in 2019

Growing your construction business is much like planning to run with the big dogs. As a matter of fact, I wanted to title this piece, “How to Run with the Big Dogs.” I thought better of it. Yet, getting out and romping with the big dogs does have a great appeal, right?

Growing up

My cousin, (I’ll call him Andy) tells an “in my youth” story. Seems Andy had gotten his first full-time job soon after receiving his high school diploma. It was among the most menial of all menial jobs. He was in charge of making sure the cars on the sales lot of an automobile dealership were kept clean. Occasionally, he was also tasked with moving a car from the service bay to a holding area awaiting the customer’s return.

One morning he had been summoned by a salesman to move one of those cars. Andy didn’t get along with that salesman and felt the way he had been summoned was demeaning. Andy decided to show his distaste for the salesman by getting away from him as quickly as possible. What that meant was . . . well, what that meant was, he jumped in the car, stuck it in gear, then slammed his foot down on the accelerator. The next thing to happen was a bit of fishtailing and gravel throwing. What happened after that was a visit to the office of the car dealership’s owner and a one-week suspension from work.

Growing wasn’t part of Andy’s plan

Andy says he sat at home for a week fuming about how badly life in general and his boss in particular were treating him. His immature mindset was about to get the better of him – keep reading, you’ll see.

When the one-week suspension ended Andy went straight to the owner’s office, just as he had planned for a week. (Yeah, you can see trouble brewing here, can’t you?) Andy walked into the office to see both the owner and the dreaded salesman awaiting him. He walked straight to the front of the owner’s desk and quickly laid out all of his grievances (he admits it was quick, because they were few) then stepped back to the doorway. And, just as he had planned (remember he had a week to make this plan) he stuck his hand in his pocket, said, “You can’t treat me like this. I’m a grown-ass man,” then stepped back and threw the stink bomb into the office as he made a hasty retreat.

Lesson learned: Don’t call yourself a grown-ass man, especially when you don’t behave like one.

Growing the right mindset

When you’re ready to grow your commercial construction business it takes having a business mindset. This article from Entrepreneur lays out 5 important ways having a proper mindset will help you achieve.

By the way, if you truly are a grown-ass man, you’ll find no need to tell others you’ve reached that status. Ask Andy, he’ll tell you I speak truth.

Here are 3 things you should be doing:

  1. Surrounding yourself with people who are good at what they do

  2. Watching for opportunities to learn more about being in business

  3. Practicing the mindset of true business ownership

Growing in unusual ways

Another cousin (who is 5 feet 2 inches tall, and I’ll call Sam) likes to tell the story which took place in his younger days. Seems he was at a bar one evening when another fellow seated nearby was loudly saying things Sam didn’t like. So, Sam gets up and walks to the loud fellow’s table, stands in front of him, and confronts him.

When the loud fellow noticed Sam, he stood up. As Sam tells it, he took a long time in the standing process because he was so tall. Sam, thinking fast, pulled out a nearby chair and stood on it so he could be face-to-face with the loud fellow.

Lesson learned: When you’re the little guy, sometimes you need to grab a chair . . . or the right tool.

Growing takes understanding your tools

Just like starting your own commercial construction business took some hutzpah, growing your business will take the same determination. And, knowing which tools you have at hand will be useful. Like these:

The asset tools of the present

  1. Because you’re still small enough you can make quick adjustments

  2. Your layers of customer service are leaner and better able to accommodate

  3. You’re likely better able to innovate and problem-solve on the spot

The opportunity tools of growth

  1. The ability to grow a small team to a larger team with your vision in mind

  2. Your heightened sense for productivity enhancement for you and your team

  3. You have an added incentive to plan for different scenarios

Growing a big dog perspective

What began as a marketing discussion – how do we get the word out? – quickly turned to an examination of what we really do for our clients. While there are many items on the service-menu we offer our clients, what it comes down to is we do everything in our power to “Make sure our clients are equipped to Run With The Big Dogs!”

Yes, we are the virtual “Corporate Accounting Department” for small to medium commercial construction contracting businesses across the US. And yes, we take that role seriously.


Yet, you’ve got to admit, there is a certain fun aspect in realizing that the big dog romp can be joined when the little dog (in some cases the underdog) learns to think like a big dog. And, we’re there every step of the way, helping them gain the acumen of big dog thinking.

Now that you’re ready to know more, give us a call Toll Free: 866-629-7735. Or get in touch here.

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