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Great Big Huge Mistake or Something Else Altogether?

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

I heard about this intriguing story

But, I wasn’t sure if it was true, so I went looking. Sure enough, this thing happened. I read about it from CNBC, ESPN, Business Insider, USA Today, in a Cleveland newspaper, and here, and here, and here – just to mention a few.

Seems the crazy owners of Universal Windows Direct (a construction based service business) located in Cleveland, Ohio recently offered an exciting promotion. They said any purchases made from them in the month of July would be refunded in full if the Cleveland Indians came up with a 15-game winning streak before the end of the season. During the month of July, Universal Windows Direct actually sold over 1.7 million dollars’ worth of windows and installation services.

Then, those crazy Indians went on to surpass the 15-game winning streak set as a goal for the refunds.

Great Big Huge Mistake or Marketing Windfall?

The owners of Universal Windows Direct will likely tell you it didn’t turn out to be a mistake at all. You see, they knew when and how to cover their backs. It was simple; they payed $75,000 for an insurance policy to cover their losses if indeed the winning streak held. Then, they sold over 1.7 million dollars’ worth of products and services in one month.

I call it a marketing coupe

So, here are some things to think about:

What is your marketing budget for your construction contracting business?

What “wild and crazy” promotion can you come up with to get the attention of your prospective clients (and perhaps the media at large?)

What alternative way can you think of to use your marketing dollars?

Don’t let this intriguing example get away from you before you think of ways to “get the word out.”

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