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Got Crappy Employee?

Every construction company either has or has had at least one crappy employee. Just like in the friendliest of neighborhoods, it seems there is always at least that one person who appears determined to suck the joy out of the community.

But there is a significant difference. You can’t fire your neighbor, no matter how much you think it would improve the block.

To Fire or Not to Fire

There is a rule that goes around that makes sense, “Hire slow and fire fast.” And that is not a bad way of dealing with some problem employees.

But you might want to take a look at this article from Management And Accounting Web before deciding to pull out the pink slip. It discusses ways to motivate problem employees.

Mercy and Justice

Some believe that showing mercy negates justice and vice versa. So, the dilemma is found in the thinking that either justice or mercy must be used in dealing with an employee who has made a mistake, behaved poorly, or is prone to blunder. And sometimes that is true. But at other times, to do justice properly, mercy must be shown.

For example, the following three scenarios concerning why something went wrong may give grounds for considering mercy, which means second (or perhaps third) chances.

1. There was a lack of communication, instruction, or guidance from supervisors or coworkers. (Which places at least part of the responsibility on others.)

2. An unasked for but innovative effort was made and failed. (Risk-takers who show grit and creativity may be just what is needed.)

3. There was a shortage of practice time concerning a new skill, process, or concept. (Some folks take longer to learn something new than others, and some “quick learners” may miss essential steps or features.)

One More Justice Perspective

In a time when finding qualified construction workers is complicated, it may seem crazy to be contemplating letting someone go. But if he or she is genuinely a crappy employee and there is no room for improvement, then justice must prevail.

The people who will benefit from your choice to discharge a lousy employee can vary but include one or more of these groups:

· You and your family

· Your other employees

· Subcontractors you bring on

· The vendors with whom you work

· Your service providers

· Your clients

There. That puts it into perspective, doesn’t it?

Speaking of Benefits

Finding ways to give individual employees a reason to perform at their best begins with being certain they understand the benefits. No, I’m not talking about the usual.

Insurance, retirement plans, company vehicles, or other similar items are visible parts of the standard benefits package, and they’re good things. But it is the less tangible benefits that, in the end, provide more incentive.

· A sense of belonging

· An expectation of support

· Increased self-confidence

· The introduction to positive tactics and strategies

· Continual reinforcement of confident perspectives and attitudes

It shows up, and you can see it working when your employees do the right thing, not because they have to but because they want to.

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