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Finding the Right IT Specialist

Take a look at the first stanza of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem, “There was a little girl.”

There was a little girl,

Who had a little curl,

Right in the middle of her forehead.

When she was good,

She was very good indeed,

But when she was bad she was horrid.

The same (perhaps without the curl) can be said of the ever-growing technology swirl in which we live and work. When it is good, it is good indeed. And when it is bad – well, you know, it is horrid!

Technology problems turn out to be one of the major frustrations of employees, not to mention the accompanying downtime.

Having someone walk with you as you deal with the myriad pieces of information technology that organized construction contractors must deal with daily is (in the word of the popular credit card company) priceless.

Information technology in construction encompasses risk management, mobility solutions, bid information, and other crucial network stability issues. Therefore, finding the right firm to provide information technology services can’t be taken lightly.

Start the IT Service Provider Search

To be assured that there are construction-centric IT service providers, I did what most folks do when beginning the search. I asked “Friend Google” to give me a helping hand. By using the search term, “construction IT services,” I found a multitude of options.

That method might work for many, but there are other means which can be employed.

For instance, online directory listings can be a source for finding IT specialists. Here’s an example of that type of directory. There are others like Yelp, Bing Places, B2BYellow Pages, and more.

Using social media sites to broaden your search may work. Both Instagram and Facebook have search engines that allow you to type a hashtag followed by your search criteria. Try #ITservices, for example. In addition, LinkedIn is an obvious choice for finding professionals in the IT world.

Take the Search Up a Notch

Ask for referrals from friends and colleagues. Asking for referrals from those you trust is perhaps the quickest, certainly the most efficient, and likely the simplest way to find an IT service provider that will meet your needs.

As an example, asking a few members of your trade association to recommend a source is an excellent way to begin your research.

Tips for Aiding the IT Search

  • Try to find a firm that is fully devoted to the construction industry or at least has a division dedicated to construction firms.

  • Keep in mind that you don’t know what you don’t know. Ask the potential provider if there is anything you should have asked.

  • Avoid the options that don’t ask about your construction company objectives.

  • Only allow money to become a factor in your decision-making when you realize the value of what is being offered. (Similar to “you get what you pay for.”)

  • Don’t wait until you are looking for a reactive solution. Be proactive in your search.

Get More Info

Take time to listen to The Construction Junction podcast for more tips about choosing an IT support provider.

And look over this post about Information Technology Information.

Construction Contractors look to The Profit Constructors to provide advocacy in dealing with:

  • Clients and customers

  • Employees and subcontractors

  • Vendors and service providers

  • Governmental entities

Working with The Profit Constructors gives Construction Contractors the means to organize their operations in ways that help them:

  • Remain informed

  • Avoid hassles

  • Reduce risks

  • Be future-ready

Ready for action? Or want to know more? Get in touch today to schedule a complimentary discovery call. 866-629-7735

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Frye Jacob
Oct 11, 2021

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