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Efficiency Matters

A loving and caring marriage doesn’t necessarily follow a full-out gorgeous wedding. In the same way, knowing a few efficiency techniques doesn’t make your construction company more efficient.

Just as some are infatuated with the day of the wedding as opposed to the lifetime commitment of marriage, some are fascinated with efficiency techniques instead of the long-term benefits of being efficient.

Think about it like this: an excellent pre-marital counselor isn’t going to spend time discussing the day of the wedding. He or she will focus on the fundamental aspects of the day-to-day joys and sorrows of being married.

The goal of this essay is to focus on “the marriage,” not “the wedding.”


Many online articles try to meet the efficiency techniques fascination with information about and lists concerning the subject. Type “efficiency techniques” into your search engine of choice, and you’ll see what I mean. This article written by John Rampton for Entrepreneur contains one of the better lists I’ve found.

There are courses online that teach about how to be more efficient. For example, I found this one at Udemy. While the course description looks intriguing; I haven’t taken it. Therefore, this is not a recommendation but rather is mentioned as an option. You may even want to poke around on the Udemy site to see other options.

Finally, on Dictionary dot com, I found this definition of efficiency: the state or quality of being efficient, or able to accomplish something with the least waste of time and effort; competency in performance.

Motives Matter

Important note: Efficiency for the sake of efficiency is a lost cause.

There are higher stakes.

Understanding the benefits of efficiency makes the development, practice, and use of efficiency techniques more reasonable, valid, and feasible.

An inefficient construction company may get along, but it isn’t making the best use of its resources. One or more of the following may happen.

  • There is a likelihood of a high turnover of personnel.

  • Maintaining current clients or finding new ones becomes more difficult.

  • The contractor’s confidence may shrink.

  • Profits are not as robust as they could be.

The Effects of Efficiency

Taking steps to make your construction company more efficient takes time and effort. Remembering the reasons listed below makes it more manageable.

  • More time

  • Less stress

  • Quality personnel

  • More appealing clients

  • Better profits

Gain Time

We all get that being more efficient is a way to save time. But more importantly, being efficient is a way to gain time. It is similar to the difference between saving money (low yield) and investing money (higher yield.)

In the end, identifying inefficiencies, getting rid of redundancies, and utilizing space effectively all add up to a higher yield with less effort and energy while gaining more time.

Reduce Stress

Learning to be more efficient gives you greater control of your workload.

Knowing who does what and when they do it is helpful for all involved – even those who believe they need pressure or disarray to function well. 😜

Sometimes stress comes out of the blue (uh, COVIDwhat?) Yet, dealing with both predictable and unpredictable sources of stress is made easier when efficient methods are already in place. Even knowledge concerning efficiency techniques can be a valuable tool when stress looms.

Gain Better Employees

Hire or grow a better-performing team. When everything from the fieldwork to the office work runs efficiently, people notice. Top-quality employees (or job seekers) react well to the effects of an efficiently run construction company.

They may not walk on the scene and immediately think, “Wow, this is an efficiently run operation.” They’re more likely to feel something akin to, “I like the atmosphere here, I want to work here.”

On the flip side, like many other things in life, we’re better at noticing when others get it wrong than when we get it wrong.

For example, we know when a by-appointment hair salon, a restaurant, or a dry cleaner has failed the efficiency test. Long waits, cold meals, and lost items all add up to someone somewhere along the line dropping the ball in one way or another. Remembering that no one is perfect, and all of us have a bad day now and then may get us back in the door for another try. But not much more than that.

A proactive approach to making your construction company more efficient is one way to attract top managerial talent.

Attract More Satisfied Clients

Frustrated clients soon look elsewhere to find what they need. Yeah, I know, sometimes that is a good thing. But assuming you’ve done your best to vet the folks with whom you want to do business, then being highly efficient will help you maintain those relationships.

Just as efficiency attracts excellent personnel, it also attracts the most loyal and staunch clients. Dependability wrapped up in efficient methods is what present and future clients are seeking.

Gain Profits

Being efficient increases profits because it helps you meet demand effectively.

Having an efficient construction business means you’ll have a more significant opportunity.

And in the end, efficiency always ties to profitability.

One Last Point

One of the benefits the team at The Profit Constructors provides is helping construction contractors and construction accounting teams be more efficient. Nuff said. 🙂

Construction Contractors look to The Profit Constructors to provide advocacy in dealing with:

  • Clients and customers

  • Employees and subcontractors

  • Vendors and service providers

  • Governmental entities

Working with The Profit Constructors gives Construction Contractors the means to organize their operations in ways that help them:

  • Remain informed

  • Avoid hassles

  • Reduce risks

  • Be future-ready

Ready for action? Or want to know more? Get in touch today to schedule a complimentary discovery call. 866-629-7735


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