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Dancing into a Leadership Role in Your Construction Contracting Business

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

While it is apparent learning to dance takes time and effort and mastering the moves takes practice, we sometimes forget that being a good leader also takes time, effort, and practice (and it doesn’t hinge alone on how much innate talent you have.)

Knowing you have the skills of powerful leadership

As the owner of a construction contracting or service business it is imperative for you to take the time, make the effort, and be willing to practice the skills involved in leading your team. So, how do you know you’ve got it? Step back, listen, and see (really see) what your team members have in their minds when they see you, think about you, or (suck it up) talk about you.

[Note: I know some of you are male and some female, yet I don’t want to go through the language gymnastics of switching between genders while writing, so please understand I will use the words “he, him, his” in their age-old concept of mankind which encompasses both male and female.]

While your team may not recognize the bare, basic fact that you’re good at communicating and motivating they will be likely to say these things about you.

  1. He listens to what I and the others tell him.

  2. He handles dissent or even polite debate well.

  3. He’s good at understanding strategy.

  4. He has an ability to execute plans.

  5. He’s good at project planning and gets the concept of following timelines.

  6. He connects with all sorts of different people.

  7. He is good at getting people to learn and grow.

  8. He takes responsibility even when he has been wrong.

  9. He has credibility and integrity.

  10. He’s someone you can count on.

Making your vision become everyone’s dream

Be a leader who is confident enough to hire people you can trust, people you let do whatever they do best with a minimum of oversight.

Allow your mentors, advisors, and trusted employees to share their opinions before you make decisions.

Establish habits, structures, and procedures that help you and your team keep your vision in sight.

Take time to acknowledge (in big ways) your employees and team members for their effort or accomplishments.

Putting on the right dance shoes

Whether you wear work boots, tap shoes, or some other footwear keep in mind growing your construction contracting or service business, scaling into a profitable position will include time, effort, and practice at leading well.

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