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Convictions Required for Leadership part 3

Perhaps one of the best examples in recent history of a leader being able to inspire a shared vision is Martin Luther King Jr. His “I have a dream” speech was heard, remembered, and acted upon.

As a nation, we’ve not yet fully realized his dream. Yet, we have made strides. And it is hard to imagine that we would have come even this far without the prompting and leadership of King. Martin Luther King Jr. was an imperfect human being with faults and problems, but his vision lives. He faced seemingly insurmountable odds, yet many of those “odds” have vanished.

The genesis of King’s dream was based on his convictions. History and common sense attest to the fact that successful leaders base their aspirations, hopes, and dreams on their convictions.

What are Convictions?

While convictions have their roots in beliefs, true convictions go above the baseline.

“A belief is something you will argue about. A conviction is something you will die for!” – Howard Hendricks

Regardless of the present situation or the possible consequences, a construction contractor who is convinced of the value of his or her vision stands on the principles involved.

Convictions remind people of what matters most, admonish them to remain on point, and caution them about ignoring fundamental tenets.

“Your convictions include your values, commitments, and motivations.” – Rick Warren

Bringing It Through Convictions

Savvy construction leaders must be concerned about team building and motivation, safety and quality, deadlines and budgets, strategy and delegation, and foresight coupled with compassion. And at the center of all these concerns, it is the convictions that propel it all forward.

Maintaining convictions within your construction business is the power that leads to the passion that is transferred to your employees. When you lead with conviction, your success factor is increased. Your team joins you in concerted effort and action.

Think about it; without conviction, nothing really matters; therefore, nothing of significance is passed on.

Inspire Your Team

Use your convictions to inspire a shared vision.

They should be detailed enough that others can start to see it for themselves. The goal is to engage your employees in such a way that they can:

  • See It

  • Hear It

  • Remember It

  • Act on It

This post is the third in a 5-part series concerning leadership. You can find the first here.

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