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ClockShark for Commercial Construction Contractors

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

ClockShark for Commercial Construction Contractors

ClockShark delivers

This is an app designed for small to medium construction and field service companies. It is for the commercial construction contractor who needs to get rid of paper time sheets.

Let’s put it this way:

GPS + Time Tracking + Powerful + Easy to use = This is worth looking at!

Tracking down missing or late time sheets is a hassle you really shouldn’t be dealing with. And, let’s face it, even when (if) you find them are they complete? Can you even read them? Are they legible? Oh yeah, how about this – how do you verify what’s been written?

You can make much better use of your valuable time than chasing down crews or individuals to get their timecards. And, you get more accurate reporting by putting this app to use.

ClockShark is robust

ClarkShark is a tool that:

  1. Tracks the field location of employees

  1. Displays the current availability of resources

  1. Generates monthly time sheets

  1. Assists in planning workflows as well as job scheduling

  1. Schedules project activities

  1. Has an interactive drag & drop scheduler

  1. Incorporates a real-time activity dashboard

  1. Offers ad-hoc reporting capabilities

  1. Allows you to build and export custom reports

  1. Helps you deal with compliance and auditing

  1. Integrates with QuickBooks, both Online and Desktop

Perhaps the best way to put it is that ClockShark’s easy GPS feature allows you to track time, location, and job costs. Bam!

ClockShark is bilingual (sorta)

Well, they don’t speak Spanish. Yet, they do have something to offer in the bilingual line that truly is useful. You can access their app guide in English or in Spanish. This one little extra makes it as easy as possible to get your crew members to know how to use the app. And, knowing how . . . that may be the only thing that is missing for some members of your team.

BTW – These guides cover how to:

  1. log into the app

  2. clock in and out

  3. switch between jobs and tasks

  4. start and stops breaks

  5. see schedules

  6. view time sheets

  7. access CrewClock™

  8. use KioskClock™

Plus, the guide covers Frequently Asked Questions

It is our desire this article (among our growing library of construction-centric informational articles) is helpful in assisting commercial construction contractors to build better building businesses.

Want to know more about us or about how we can assist you with ClockShark? Get in touch here. Or call Toll Free: 866-629-7735

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