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Symbiotic Relationships in Business

How symbiotic relationships sustain savvy construction contractors and other business owners.

Symbiotic relationships in nature

Do you remember the first time you learned about symbiotic relationships? I recall, as a child, watching a documentary on TV in which various animals were shown with their symbiotic partners. I thought it was fascinating. I also thought it all seemed a bit weird, kind of strange and exotic.

For example, the relationship between giraffes and oxpecker birds is symbiotic. The birds are being fed by the giraffes, and in return, harmful ticks are removed from the giraffes’ skin.

It turns out, symbiotic partnerships in nature occur because they solve problems.


· Bees and flowers

· Sea anemones and hermit crabs

· Goby fish and snapping shrimp

· African oxpeckers and giraffes, as well as zebras, elephants, hippopotamuses, and other large African animals

· Coral and algae

Symbiotic relationships in humans

There can be a symbiosis of voluntary human interactions. For instance, those interactions can be between buyers and sellers of any commodity or service.

Although we don’t tend to think too much about the concept of symbiosis as we go about the task of buying whatever products or services we want or need, it still occurs.

It turns out, symbiotic partnerships between people occur because they solve problems.


· Retail stores and consumers

· Marriage partners

· Business partners

· Service providers and clients

Symbiotic relationships in business

Whereas symbiotic relationships in nature happen “naturally,” the same types of relationships in business frequently occur because of forethought and the consideration of the benefits to both parties.

Look at it this way. When those involved can respect and understand the value each brings to the table, there is a better chance of success.

Here are some benefits made possible through a symbiotic relationship:

· The ability to extend better offerings

· Growth through the active sharing of information

· Networking with those who in the past would have been unfamiliar or possibly considered off-limits

· Creation of exceptional and unique solutions

You can easily see that forging strategic alliances with other organizations in the overall construction industry is one way to make better connections with exceptional general contractors and owners.

Some examples of the types of businesses commercial construction subcontractors should look to form symbiotic relationships with are:

· Suppliers

· Vendors

· Other trade subsets

· General contractors

· Service providers

· Industry-specific business associations or groups

And, a few of the opportunities to look for are:

· Co-marketing

· Production of useful webinars

· Referral marketing

· Combined research and development projects

· Training and educational opportunities for employees

Symbiosis isn’t strange or exotic

It turns out that symbiotic relationships are neither strange nor exotic. They are a part of both nature and human nature. But you can choose to up the game by looking to purposely create symbiotic business relationships that will benefit both your construction company and your symbiotic partners.

Most importantly, watch for ways to provide as much value to the partnership as possible. That is the commonsense method of building both the relationship as well as your business.

We desire to familiarize you with business concepts, which will make it easier for you to be a better commercial construction subcontractor through our blog posts. Some are new ways of looking at things, and others are refreshers.

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