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Scaling New Heights – Part 2

One of the underlying components of attending a professional development conference like Scaling New Heights® (SNH21) is the generation of enthusiasm. From inspirational and motivational speakers to individual teaching sessions, from the vendor lineup to the chats in the hall, opportunities abound for inspiration and motivation.

As promised, here is the second of a two-part post concerning the #SNH21 conference our founder, Tonya Schulte, attended in Fort Worth, Texas, this year. You can find the first part here.

It’s in Our Blood

As our clients already know, enthusiasm is in our blood. After all, when your byline is helping clients Run With the Big Dogs, a measure of zeal is built in. So, finding Tonya happily chatting with vendors and service providers who can improve our clients’ construction businesses isn’t at all surprising.

Finding the Right Tools

Just as any enthusiastic scaler of mountains knows, employing the right tools (like excellent carabiners) is imperative to scaling new heights. Along that same line, Tonya had the opportunity while at #SNH21 to check out available tools (apps and services) meant to aid clients.

Watch the Interviewer Be Interviewed

You can get in on the SNH adventure, learn more about available tools, and get to see Tonya have the tables turned on her as Richard Roppa of RoundTableLabs picks up the figurative interviewer’s microphone. Richard interviews and chats with Tonya about experiences, business relationships, and more.

Watch the second part of the two-part #SNH21 adventure brought to you on The Construction Junction podcast, Construction Junction Episode 12 Scaling New Heights 2021. Or listen to the podcast on the platform of your choice.

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Working with The Profit Constructors gives Construction Contractors the means to organize their operations in ways that help them:

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