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Order Generosity Stability

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Being a construction contractor has never been an easy job. Being a construction contractor in mid-April of the year 2020 – well, that’s another level of difficulty.

You’ve probably thought of a variety of outcomes concerning the end of the madness surrounding the current pandemic. You may even have a “best case” in mind as well as a “worst case.” The truth is this is not the time for false optimism, nor will fatalistic despair be of any use. As with many things in life, clear thinking must step to the fore.

The virtual noise surrounding Coronavirus can be deafening. It seems the “common people” are stepping up with opinions, suggestions, and diatribes; while politicians and scientists alike are shooting from the hip.

We presently find ourselves living in the “new normal” brought upon us by COVID – 19. And, even if you don’t have Coronavirus, my bet is you’re sick of it.

The principles of order, generosity, and stability are three things you can still maintain in your construction business. They are three means you can use to focus on clear thinking.


It is up to you to bring a voice of reason to your employees and subs. You have the responsibility to provide reassurance as well as expectation. Finding new ways and new rhythms of accomplishing essential tasks helps keep order for you as well as your staff.

Although you may feel like Henry Kissinger, who, while Secretary of State, said, “Next week there can’t be any crisis. My schedule is already full,” you, like he, must carry on.

You may want to follow Warren Buffett’s advice when asked how to address one’s employees or other constituents during a crisis. “First,” he said, “state clearly that you do not know all the facts. Then promptly state the facts you do know. One’s objective should be to get it right, get it quick, get it out, and get it over.”

Your honesty and integrity will help those around you find order in the chaos.


Now is not the time to become stingy. It isn’t only a matter of giving to others; it also a matter of not taking from others. For example, I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why some people felt it necessary to hoard toilet paper during a pandemic. Yet there are those who have done just that. To what end (pun probably intended), I don’t know.

Being generous has always been a way to remove negative thinking. Being generous allows you to get more out of life. This article, The 8 Biggest Benefits of Being Generous is worth the time to link over and read.

Being generous with those in your employ as well as others around you is a significant factor in maintaining and growing your construction business.

“You cannot do a kindness too soon because you never know how soon it will be too late.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.” – Mother Teresa


Ask yourself, “What are my choices now?” By doing that, you refocus on the one thing you can control – your choices.

Think about knowledge sources.

One) Who do you know and trust who has the knowledge you can use? Call or text them. Learn what you can. Bring that information to those who can use it.

Here’s an example: I wondered if giving blood would be a good way to contribute. So, I sent a quick text to my cousin, who works in a management position for the American Red Cross.

My question: Is there a blood shortage?

His answer: There was a shortage about 3 weeks ago. However, through national appeal that gap was closed. Additionally, blood utilization as a whole is Significantly down. This is due to elective surgery being down. Also, since people are at home there are fewer car accidents and other major injuries. So at present there is not really a blood shortage.

Two) When seeking online information, be aware of spoken as well as unspoken agendas. You can breakdown the critical part and share it with your team.

Three) Bring the conversation (even the one that is only in your mind) to ways of providing value and serving others. Your attitude and enthusiasm are contagious. And, you know what that means!

“Genuine hope is not blind optimism. It is hope with open eyes, which sees the suffering and yet believes in the future.” – Jurgen Moltmann

We desire to familiarize you with business concepts, which will make it easier for you to be a better commercial construction subcontractor through our blog posts. Some are new ways of looking at things, and others are refreshers. 

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