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Living Your Life On Purpose - part 2

In my previous post, Living Your Life On Purpose, I said I would provide examples of real people living real lives with real purpose. None of the people mentioned below are famous. They’re people you aren’t likely to know or even heard of. But they’re people who found their purpose and let it guide them in life matters.


First Purpose Example

Her prices are not cheap, yet her salon chair is seldom empty. I’m speaking of my friend and hairdresser, Leslie. Leslie found her purpose early in life. Even as a teenager, she found she had a knack for and enjoyed everything associated with hair styling. She is highly tuned to her purpose and states, “I love making women more beautiful so they feel good about themselves.” 


Simple enough. Yet oh so powerful! While Leslie hasn’t bought into the silliness of believing her life only has meaning if she is prepared to do grandiose things to “change the world,” she does understand that the world is changed in small increments.


Leslie performs a job she loves, helps support her family, and makes her clients look and feel beautiful with a lovely smile and a welcoming attitude.


Second Purpose Example

While our family was somewhat surprised by my late brother’s decision to leave his lucrative construction job behind to enter a career for which he had no formal training and one which would never “pull in the big bucks,” we weren’t shocked. We had always known that Zearl had a tender heart and that he went out of his way to help those who were disadvantaged.


My brother was a big guy. At six feet, five inches tall, well over two hundred pounds, and with long ponytailed hair accompanied by a full-face, red beard, he was a presence wherever he went. Yet, the intellectually disabled children he taught for years often clung to him, trusted him, and learned from him.


I recall the delight in his voice when he would call to tell me of one accomplishment or another that one of “his kids” had made. He had found his purpose and reveled in it.


Third Purpose Example

One of our construction business clients, Jeff, uses his business to fulfill his purpose – in more ways than one.


Some projects are just that – projects that help fill the coffers so that he can continue paying his employees and bills and make a profit.


However, many of his projects are for clients whose causes he believes in. They’re usually nonprofit organizations that aid specific demographics he desires to support. And he has, on occasion, felt the purpose so profoundly that he was willing to write off portions of his accounts receivable as another way to help support the cause.


The Purpose of the Examples

Each example is a real person, someone you can relate to. The goal is that each of their stories inspires your journey concerning your purpose in life. Hopefully, they also give you insight into energizing and encouraging your team members.  


Embolden Your Team on Purpose

Begin with understanding the importance of your relationships with your team members. Each of your employees brings more to the table than their skills and talents. To gain collective success, encourage individuals on your team to find, understand, and live their purpose.


You can be as formal or casual as you like. From a “Let’s Find Your Purpose” company-wide retreat to a spontaneous one-on-one question like, “Have you ever thought about your purpose in life?” Helping your employees find their purpose is good for them – and for you.


Putting the right person in the proper position, from apprentice to project manager, helps employees be more comfortable, knowledgeable, and efficient. It allows them to be better tuned to their advancement opportunities. It boosts their desire to participate and brings more overall job satisfaction.


Watch for where each employee leans within the general categories. Remember them? They are:     

  • Leading people or organizations.

  • Teaching individuals or groups.

  • Promoting causes or communities.

  • Encouraging one or many.

  • Protecting, Comforting, and Nurturing others.


The bottom line is to use the power of purpose in your and your employees’ lives.


“The two most important days in life are the day you are born, and the day you discover the reason why.” – Mark Twain.


Reflection: Are you living your life on purpose? If not, what steps will you take to achieve that goal? How will you start serving others using what you are passionate about?



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