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Client Highlights: Arizona Washroom Partitions

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Washroom Stalls

When you visit the restroom while you’re out and about do you ever consider how important those washroom dividers are?

We know one guy who makes it his business to make sure you can do your business in a private environment.

Let us tell you a little about our client Dale, over at Arizona Washroom Partitions.

  1. He is a man of integrity. When he tells you he will do something he does.

  2. He is an honorable man. For instance, he always pays his vendors on time and without contention.

  3. He is a man of passion. He cares deeply about maintaining his business and serving his customers well.

Arizona Washroom Partitions is able to deliver what is needed in both public restrooms as well as breakrooms with everything from repair parts and pieces to complete installations.

A few of the restroom and breakroom items they provide are:

Access Panels

Baby Changing Stations

Corner Guards

Cubicle Track & Curtains

Fire Extinguishers & Cabinets

Grab Bars

Hand Dryers



Toilet Accessories

Toilet Partitions

Wall Protection

We are delighted to include Arizona Washroom Partitions among our clients and are happy to recommend their services.

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