The first dimension of any project gives you the basics. Our Foundational services gives you the nuts and bolts that you need to frame in the rest.


Superstructure’s advanced composite framework goes beyond the essentials to deliver the financial services to level up your game. 

Design Build

This is your accounting overhaul. We take your numbers game and remodel it from the foundation up, scaling your company to its full potential.


When your internal team needs some help, let our framing support the structure of your organization. 

Whether you are looking for heavy framework, a little light framing, or something in between, our support options give your company the exact level of support you need. We help with everything from accounting questions to software tips and tricks to workflow design questions and beyond.


You’re a mid-size company in the construction industry, forged with excellence.

Like you, we execute superior craftsmanship in our trade. We deliver advisory board level counsel and instruction centering around your accounting and systems needs. 

Dogged determination. We act with purpose and drive to help you succeed.

On point communication. ​We’ll give it to you straight. We’re not “yes men” and believe in honesty over popularity.

We believe in showing our spots. What you see is what you get.  And we work like dogs to make sure that your books are 100% transparent, too.

Best in Show. Quality is our hallmark. We don’t cut corners. We stay in the course. And, we deliver Best in Show level work every time. That’s no dog and pony show.



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