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You Know You Want Excellent Employees

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Great employees for your construction contracting business.

Chances are, you as a construction contractor, look for people who show up on time, whose appearance cleans up well, who protect their work environment, and who manage themselves in a professional manner. You want people who can see your company vision, who understand where the bread and butter come from (your customers,) and who take pride in their work.

Do you know what excellent employees want?

Knowing what your people want will take you far in building that team of excellent employees.

In short, your team will be built because they are able to see . . .

What is in it for them in the short term.

What is in it for them in the long haul.

Yes, an excellent employee will want you to be successful in as much as that success is also pouring into their own success container. Most people want to be a part of something that is bigger than themselves. Being able to say, “I work for such-n-such construction company!” with enthusiasm and pride is a value-added part of the picture.

What is in it for them in the short term

A paycheck. From the newest laborer to your right-hand-man, everyone who is in your employ wants and needs to be paid.

Yet, that doesn’t necessarily translate into they want to get paid the highest amount available for their sector of the industry. There are lots of factors at play. For instance, your benefit package may trump contractor Joe Schmoe’s higher hourly wage. Or, it could be your fleet of well cared for and well stocked service trucks will give your service staff a feeling of wellbeing and company pride.

Beyond the paycheck, there are other minimum requirements your team will see as necessary to keep coming back day after day. As a matter of fact, even if you do have the highest pay package in your industry, if you have supervisors who are ill equipped for managing people you’re likely to lose good hands.

Good employees want to know they have a “good fit” with a growing company.

Everyone wants genuine pats-on-the-back in whatever form that takes place, from actual physical pats to other ways of being recognized for their contribution.

In the short term, employees want to know it is a fun place to work, with fellow employees as well as management in good relationships with one another.

What is in it for them in the long haul

The best employees will be looking at what being employed with your construction firm offers them in the long haul. While you may not yet be able to offer all the following items, this is a good list of benefits to be building toward as you grow your company. As soon as you’re financially able, consider adding more attractive benefits for your employees. Here are a few items for you to consider:

  1. Merit based awards or bonuses

  2. Life insurance

  3. Insurance covering medical, dental, and vision needs

  4. Vacation time

  5. Paternity leave

  6. Bereavement time

  7. Personal days off

  8. Vehicle or vehicle allowance

  9. Ongoing on-the-job and off-site training

  10. Family and corporate retreats

  11. Community stewardship

What good employees look like

Usually the guys and gals in the field like working with their hands, and being able to work outdoors. The folks in the office enjoy being indoors and often enjoy solving the latest “puzzle” of the day. All of them likely want to know where their boundaries are, they like working to a schedule (even when they sometimes fuss about it.)

Some will enjoy working with computer applications. Others will be glad when they’re allowed to take initiative, to be included in problem solving, are allowed to manage information, or are allowed to manage others. Most prefer to work in organized spaces (even those who must be taught how that comes about.) The best employees will take the time to keep up to date on industry trends and developments.

And, your very best employees will come with the character trait that always take pride in work well done.

Need more excellent employees?

Are you in need of good employees? Consider using what you’ve learned here when writing your next ad. Oh, and one more thing – forget about using the term “competitive salary” in your ads. Here’s why – from someone who (delightfully) calls herself The Evil HR Lady.

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