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Let’s Talk nettTracker!

Keeping Track

Construction accounting pros, would you like to spend just a few minutes (instead of hours) making adjustments at the end of the year or other designated accounting periods? Would you like to maintain balance sheet agreement throughout the year?

Think about balance sheet reviews that include fixed assets, depreciation, prepayments, accruals, or deferred income. Would you like to see an asset register that is up to date with deprecation already calculated and all journal entries made?

We’re not talking about a magic elixir; We’re talking about a tool you can use to accomplish all those tasks – it’s an app called nettTracker!

Five Top Benefits

While many benefits are associated with using the nettTracker app, we believe these are the top five.

1) The first (and awesome) benefit of using nettTracker is that it saves time.

2) You’ll also find increased accuracy and consistency in financial reports.

3) You get automated postings.

4) It provides a reliable source of proof.

5) One less tangible yet valuable benefit can be conveyed this way – improved asset tracking = an easier process = less frustration = happier construction accounting pro.

The Construction Junction Podcast

Our founder, Tonya Schulte, had the privilege of talking with the founder of nettTracker, Ash Beetson, via The Construction Junction podcast she hosts. The discussion grows when a user of nettTracker, David Varnum from CF&O, joins the conversation. You’re invited to learn more about this important tool by watching The Construction Junction podcast episode 22 here or listening on your favorite podcast channel.

Learn More

Visit the nettTracker website to learn more.

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Working with The Profit Constructors gives Construction Contractors the means to organize their operations in ways that help them:

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