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Leadership Through Communication

Being a construction business leader makes it incumbent on you to practice excellent communication. It is that simple – and that hard.

Note: What follows isn’t a “how-to” concerning communicating better; rather, it is a “call-to” about communicating better.

Competent communication is about more than the bottom line. Indeed, it is one of the best tools for giving leaders of construction businesses the ability to:

  • Rally the team around a shared vision

  • Work through organizational changes

  • Secure the confidence of clients or general contractors

  • Establish healthy connections with supply and materials providers

  • Build “same page” associations with service providers

  • Develop accord with fellow leaders

  • Increase the value of personal relationships

Inherent in each aspect of the above list is the ability to build two-way trust. Talking it through, discussing important matters, articulating vital information, and listening well are all part of the communication process.

Listening Well

When first thinking of communicating, it is common to jump immediately to the idea of knowing what to say and when to say it. And those are good ideas. But more importantly, the central concept involved in communication is it can’t be a one-way street. Accurate communication only happens when someone is listening.

This article from the Harvard Business Review, What Great Listeners Actually Do, is an excellent introduction to the idea of listening well. Some of the concepts may surprise you.

“To answer before listening – that is folly and shame.” – Proverbs 18:13

Communication Channels

Speaking with those around you is a vital part of communicating. But that is only part of the picture. The other methods employed in communicating well may include:

  • Newsletters

  • Email

  • Corporate Intranet

  • Company Notice Board

  • Business Report

  • Videos

  • Texting

  • Messaging Apps (such as Slack, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp)

  • Handwritten Notes or Letters

Yes, everything written, pictured, recorded, or displayed gives you another opportunity to communicate.

“It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.” – Mark Twain


In what ways do you already communicate well? Which areas of communication do you need to improve? What steps will you take to increase your communication skills?

Construction Contractors look to The Profit Constructors to provide advocacy in dealing with:

  • Clients and customers

  • Employees and subcontractors

  • Vendors and service providers

  • Governmental entities

Working with The Profit Constructors gives Construction Contractors the means to organize their operations in ways that help them:

  • Remain informed

  • Avoid hassles

  • Reduce risks

  • Be future-ready

Ready for action? Or want to know more? Get in touch today to schedule a complimentary discovery call. 866-629-7735


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