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Introducing Our Construction Knowledgeable Payroll Specialist!

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Way back in January we introduced you to Alicia Lybarger as our Cleanup Specialist – a job she has proven herself to be exceptional at performing. Now we’re excited to announce Alicia is accepting more responsibility and moving into her new position as the Schulte and Schulte, LLC Payroll Specialist.

What she does

In this role, she ensures accurate processing and recording of our clients’ payroll, provides timely and accurate financial information, and participates in data entry payroll processing.

Why we are so glad to have her

What we love about Alicia is she is proactive, analytical, and eager to work in a fast-paced environment. She thinks on her feet, enjoys working with people and working on multiple projects back to back. Besides all that, she has an excellent knowledge of payroll best practices as well as a commitment to client confidentiality.

Other things she likes doing

When she is not busy working for Schulte and Schulte clients, Alicia spends time with two rambunctious sons. She sews on a sewing machine handed down from her grandmother. She bakes and decorate cakes. And, she admits she is still in love with New Kids on The Block!

Need payroll help? Give Schulte and Schulte a call – we’ll hook you up!  480-442-4032 or Toll Free: 866-629-7735

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