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Cash Flow Strategies

Cash flow management is key to running a successful construction contracting business. You need to earn more money than you spend each month to grow your cash. Seems simple enough, right? But there’s more to it.

This month’s expert guest on The Construction Junction podcast, Martha Yasso of Yasso Books, delivers excellent advice concerning Cash Flow Strategies. As a matter of fact, the host of The Construction Junction, Tonya Schulte refers to Martha as the Cash Flow Queen.

Martha gives information, insight, and strategies for developing a better awareness of and use of the cash flowing in and out of a construction business. For instance, there are likely to be months in which there is less cash coming in than in other months. And, when those low “cash in” months still require payroll and other expenses to be met then budgeting and preplanning come into play.

Also joining the podcast this month is Joe Kerlin of Dear Valley Plumbing. As a long-time plumbing contractor who must deal with various cash flow issues, he adds more insight and information to the conversation.

We invite you to listen to episode 14 of the Construction Junction podcast on the podcast channel of your choice or to view it here.

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