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Can We Do It Again?

Typically, traditions are associated with holidays. Usually, the aspects considered are which meals are prepared, where the ornaments or other décor are placed, what activities will take place, and who will be included. But some traditions are carried on outside of the holiday cycle – for instance, tacos.

Whether you participate in Taco Tuesday or not, you know what it is. There is even a bit of controversy concerning who gets to use the phrase – but that hasn't seemed to stop anyone from continuing their Taco Tuesday Tradition.

A Sliding Story

Over a dozen years ago, my late hubby came home from work excited about a spot to take our then two-year-old granddaughter snow sledding. The following day, we bundled up, grabbed a makeshift sled (the lid of a turtle sandbox,) and headed for the northern regions of Arizona.

Parking and trudging complete, the "top of the hill" adult placed the small child on the round sled and gently pushed her over the edge, so she slid to the "bottom of the hill" adult. Each time the two-year-old reached the bottom of the hill, the sled flipped; she landed with her face in the snow, she lifted her head, and shouted, "Can we do it again?" Time after time, after time.

That is the spirit you create with excellent traditions. Participants are eager to keep the fun going. Even after face-plants in the snow, heads can be seen rising, and the chorus becomes, "Can we do it again?"

Traditions are Far-Reaching

To become a tradition, an activity or event must be something the participants look forward to. The best traditions reflect company values and often provide a foundation for establishing indirect bonding or subtle team-building experiences.

When you develop and continue traditions in your construction contracting business, you have a better foundation for:

  • Driving company culture

  • Connecting employees

  • Strengthening morale and loyalty

Traditions help new hires understand who they are and what is vital to the company. Further, traditions create a connection for all employees (new and more seasoned) that comes from feeling like they are part of something unique, exceptional, and distinctive.

The Value of a Tradition

Birthing a tradition may take planning and time, or it may come about spontaneously, but the result, in either case, is priceless. You may not see the value at first glance. But when you begin digging in the treasure box of company traditions, these are some of the things you'll find:

  • Employees have something to hold onto

  • Meaningful connections are made

  • Morale is heightened

  • Your construction company's identity is strengthened

  • Your clients see and feel the difference

A Handful of Examples

The following links highlight examples of business-related traditions ranging from "just plain weird" to "worth using." Take the time to scan the lists in the links to grow your knowledge and expand your capabilities. It's worth it. Really!

Final Thoughts About Traditions

Excellent company traditions become the glue that keeps construction businesses together.

Trying to develop a tradition that doesn't stick is perfectly alright. Some things that look good on paper . . . well, you know. Try something else.

Keeping an eye out for spontaneous events, occasions, or other circumstances that you can turn into a company tradition makes sense. If you're not good at that sort of thing, assign someone else to be on the lookout.

Revive any lost traditions you think might still be of use.

Ask those in your employ what traditions they enjoyed that they experienced elsewhere or what traditions they know of that other companies use.

Stick with developing one company tradition at a time. Don't try to create a lot of different traditions all at once.

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  • Governmental entities

Working with The Profit Constructors gives Construction Contractors the means to organize their operations in ways that help them:

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